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About Us

A.R.E. Group was established in October of 2014 to bring state of the art solar solutions & silicone technologies to Egypt.  A.R.E Group created a complete solar manufacturing complex capable of producing high efficiency solar products & components , maximizing the potential and capabilities of renewable energy solutions in Egypt.  A.R.E Group’s goal is to harness the extraordinary resources of Egypt’s Solar capabilities and geographic advantages.  Being among the most sunlight-sufficient places on the globe with an estimated annual sunlight of 2,400 hours of solar operation, compared with a maximum of 1,900 in Spain and Greece, the closest European countries; It is crucial to reach the full realization of the possibilities and advantages Egypt has to offer, to improve the daily lives of the local population & enhance the global state of the Alternative Energy industry.

Our vision is to facilitate the growth of renewable energy in Egypt and compete on a international scale in PV and solar thermal technologies; Utilizing partnerships and patented technologies in creating a 100% pollution free facility and reduce costs associated with generating electricity, creating new levels of independence for consumers with the ability to adapt.  Thus, creating a complete production cycle (high purity silicone, solar cell silicon wafers & all related component) while recognizing Egypt’s resources.

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