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Water Treatment Facility & Environmental Impact

Taking all the possible precautions for environmental health, we built three water stations; DI water production of 30 Tons/hour, waste water station which purifies the waste water to industrial water and A water purification system producing drinking water.  Resulting in no drainage of Industrial waste and minimal water consumption.

All the waste gases, chemical vapors, acid vapors and hot air is dealt with 25 meters high towers, purification systems and advanced filtering system.

The air inside the factory contains no dust less than 100,000 particles with a very advanced string air ventilation system and cooling systems.

Electric power to facilities is supplied by A 5 MW power supply from power stations of Qift. In regards to saving power; there are plans to produce a roof top and ground non-grid power station of 2 MW on the facilities roofs and on the ground with possible battery storage of 1 MW solar batteries.

A.R.E Group designed all the facilities to be self-sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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