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We offer complete solar solutions, from solar cell production to solar panel production and all relevant components. in Addition, we are constantly upgrading our productions lines to the latest technologies and formulate custom products based on our customer needs

HORUS Poly Solar Panel

18.6% Efficiency

6PA Series

Internationally Certified

HORUS Mono Solar Panel

20.4% Efficiency

6PA Series

Internationally Certified

Solar Water Heaters

100L/ 150L/ 250L / Galvanized Steel /  Anti Salt Anti Corrosion Modules

Internationally Certified

Swimming Pool Heating Systems

Custom Smart Solutions to heat pools based on customer needs

ARE Profile-16.jpg


Site Survey analysis

We conduct Site Survey Analysis / Remote Analysis Free of charge

system design

Our experienced engineers will create smart custom solutions based on your needs


With several international protocols in place, we ensure a thorough job that will last decades , if not centuries

Maintenance & Training 

We provide monitoring solutions in addition to training on hand staff to be able to attend to their solar system


We provide OEM services and create Custom Products based on your market needs

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